Welcome to prosecco gala n.5 Aphrodité by Denis Tureček

Elegance of Aphrodite ☀️


Once again, I’m preparing a party full of experiences for you, this time the 5th.
This time in the spirit of elegance, beauty and support.
For those of you who love to live life in style.

A luxurious bar will be provided by Jan Martiník, aka John Liquid.

🍹He has premium bubbles, cigars and world-class cocktails.

The setting will be provided by Werichova vila

With a luxurious selection of seafood catering:

🍤Shrimp, oysters, mussels, fish, prawns…

🍇Figs, dates, strawberries, grapes…

🍾Prosecco, wine, nectar…

🎶Musically conducted by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.


You will experience an evening you will never forget.

With a silent auction to support cultural heritage,

💎A fashion show of pearl and gold jewelry,

A saber lesson for the curious and brave.

👗Dress code in the spirit of the goddess of beauty Aphrodite

White attire (in white or light colors).

Prosecco Gala n.5

Elegance of Aphrodite


Saturday, June 22, 2024 from 5 pm.

For the gold tickets price of 8,842 CZK (358 EUR)

For the diamond tickets price 13,480 CZK (545 EUR) per person.

For those who want to go to the very edge of social norms and go into detail for the experience, you can take advantage of an exclusive offer.

A VIP table setting course „savoir-vivre“ which will precede the Prosecco Party.

You will learn how to set the table properly, how to handle lobsters or mussels, which wines go with what, who sits where and what each cutlery and glass is for.

And above all, I will teach you how to properly break all the rules in order to get the best possible experience and the art of enjoying life.

✅ VIP table setting course savoir-vivre for 31,840 CZK (1290 EUR) per person. (including Prosecco Party n.5)


Come to Prosecco Gala n.5, get a „cheat sheet“ of etiquette in society and experience an evening with the most interesting people you can meet.